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25 Days of Pogo 2023: Bonus Daily Challenges – Week Two

Bonus Daily Challenges

As part of the 25 Days of Pogo Celebration, Pogo is offering Bonus Daily Challenges!

You will earn 200 Pogis for each bonus challenge you complete every day.

If you finish at least 18 of the 21 Bonus Daily Challenges from December 15th through December 21st, you will earn a bonus badge.

Do you need any help with the games? Please visit ourĀ Pogo Games page.

What do you think of the new bonus daily challenges? Let us know in a comment below!

December 15th
A Way With Words: Score 300 points
Garden Blast: Win 3 games
Poppit! Party: Pop 250 balloons

December 16th
Sweet Tooth Town: Create 10 Sugar Swirls
Tumble Bees HD: Spell 20 words
Poppit! Bingo: Daub 180 numbers

December 17th
Dice City Roller HD: Place 20 dice
Jet Set Solitaire: Remove 250 cards
Snowbird Solitaire: Make 40 streaks

December 18th
Pogo Slots: Get 20 Pogo bonus symbols
Phlinx II: Match 120 red stones
Jigsaw Treasure Hunter HD: Win 1 game

December 19th
Claire Hart – Secret in the Shadows: Find 48 objects
Trizzle: Complete 8 levels
Boggle Bash 2: Win 1 round

December 20th
First Class Solitaire HD: Place 40 cards in the foundation stacks
Mahjong Sanctuary: Match 16 season tiles
Pogo Daily Sudoku: Complete 3 puzzles

December 21st
World Class Solitaire HD: Use the grab power up 4 times
MONOPOLY Sudoku: Win 4 games
Crossword Cove HD: Solve 7 across words without using any hints

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Cathy says

thank you the extra pogis are nice

Lisa says

Thanks, I was hoping Pogo would bring this back!

SoreEyes2 says

Nice, every little bit helps! I should be able to reach gold once this holiday stuff is out of the way.

Sweettea says

I knew these would be back. Good luck everyone!

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